Our Team

Our Team

Our team is a talented group of technology professionals, with proven experience architecting, designing, building and deploying software and business solutions. With global industry partners and local consultants, we are uniquely prepared to provide our clients with competitive digital business services.

Advisory and Acceleration

The Advisory and Acceleration Group leads the Business Development, Finance, Marketing, Product,Branding and Operations functions of our project engagements. Clients receive strategy and execution guidance and support from an experienced group of executives. This group centrally manages all project exchanges, updates, milestones, revisions, testing, acceptance and final deliverable stages, including post-project account management.

Architecture and Analysis

The Architecture and Analysis Group leads the UI/UX Design & Interaction, Information Architecture, Work Flow Processes, Human Factors and Digital Cognition functions of our project engagements. Clients receive proven design and data expertise in taxonomy, personas, visual data representations, wireframes and technical requirements.

Application Development

The Application Development Group leads the full life cycle of Software Development, API Deployment, Database Integration and Quality Assurance functions of our project engagements. Clients receive intelligent IT and engineering performances in business analysis, app development, IT program and project managers, quality assurance testing.

Multi-Media Design

The Multi-Media Design Group leads the Logo & Print Design, Web, Mobile & Blog Design, Corporate Branding, Illustration & Identity and Product Packaging functions of our project engagements. Clients receive innovative imagery and messaging from creative directors, graphic designers, art illustrators, content strategists, front end developers and dedicated account managers.