About Us

Our Company

Established in 2009 and now located in Alpharetta, GA, Revenue Garden was founded by Glen K. Williams as a firm dedicated to helping clients seed, nurture and grow their business. Our mission has not changed. As core technologists, we focus on delivering five (5) disciplines: Architecture, Analysis, Applications, Acceleration and Advisory. In our view, these areas are fundamental for our client's digital business growth. .

Our Mission

Our mission is to help clients seed, nurture and grow their business. As a firm, this core objective underscores all we do and it drives every area we practice digital business.

Our Belief

We believe every human being in the world is equally important to the future of an open and healthy Internet community.

Our Approach

Our approach is to advocate for customers. With every client we work with, this strategy reinforces our primary obligation is to assist them with making customers happy.

Our Experience

Our commitment to clients is to build value for their customers and brands, using technology to create great experiences for people - at home, work and play.

Our Clients

Our clients range from local individuals to global enterprises. In our experience, we see similar challenges in different entities, which create new opportunities for us to help clients.

Our Projects

Our projects consist of consulting work that we undertake for clients and ideas we advance for our business. These real-world challenges benefit our clients and our team.


While our CEO really enjoys working on technology projects, his real passion is helping people pursue their professional and personal dreams, goals and aspirations.

Our Team

Our team is a talented group of technology professionals, with proven experience architecting, designing, building and deploying software and business solutions.

Our Core Value

Our core value is collaboration. We see the importance of partnerships and use them to add diverse purpose, thought and contributions to our firm and our clients.