Thank you for visiting our site. Since our firm was established in 2009, we've regrouped and evolved into a full service, digital business consultancy. Based in Alpharetta, GA, our capabilities now include practitioners located in Silicon Valley, New Delhi, Toronto and Buenos Aires.

Focus on Fundamentals

Glen K. Williams founded Revenue Garden as a firm dedicated to helping clients seed, nurture and grow their business. Our mission has not changed. As core technologists, we focus on delivering five (5) disciplines: Architecture, Analysis, Applications, Acceleration and Advisory. In our view, these areas are fundamental for our client’s digital business growth.

Mobility Drives Our Business

We're passionate about mobile technology, the clients we serve, and the customers they're obligated to satisfy. Our zeal for tech work has a defined purpose. It drives us to consistently realize exceptional outcomes for our clients. Helping clients do productive, meaningful work in "global-to-local" markets is a highly sought-out value in our firm.

Passion Makes A Difference

When it comes to client engagements, we're obsessed with our approach to perfecting service delivery. Many times, we've worked pro-bono to refine something we've learned, to help our colleagues and clients, or to pursue our own ideas. The time invested in our craft has delivered great return. And, the new technology challenges refresh our thinking. We strive to do great work because it matters to us.

It's Personally Rewarding

At Revenue Garden, the personal satisfaction we receive from our work often has more intrinsic value than the professional fees we earn. Our time is well spent on the artistry of technology. This dedication differentiates us - and the value of the work we deliver to our clients. Helping clients accelerate growth, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction is work we enjoy the most.

Fostering Client Goodwill

To our clients, Revenue Garden is less the "bearer of bad news". We're more a "presenter of viable options" for market growth. For clients willing to act decisively, our advisory is clear: Invest In Mobile Customers. Longer-term, we advise clients to adopt three (3) focal points: Be Transparent. Embrace Innovation. Grow Faster.

Consider Revenue Garden

When deciding on the selection of a digital partner, we hope you’ll consider Revenue Garden. We understand the challenges of mobile experience and the downside of poor UX. In competitive markets, the good news is having your head slightly above water is much better than your feet planted on the bottom of the pond.

Revenue Garden is a digital partner that's nimble enough to respond around the clock and talented enough to deliver when others stumble. You're invited to CONTACT US today. We're here working on new technology and preparing for ways to help you succeed.



Rising Disruption

Fifteen years ago, as a digital executive of a New York City bank, Revenue Garden's CEO listened to Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen speak about the origin of his book The Innovator's Dilemma. Prof. Christensen's work on disruption was ground breaking, given his perspective on why executives fail to adopt new technology, in lieu of investing in current customers. Indeed, life as an organizational leader can be flooded with opposing paths.

Failure To Listen

Today, a we find a jaw-dropping number of CXO's are failing to heed similar warnings about mobile technology, while other leading executives are wisely investing in the creation of best-in-class mobile UX. Why is Christensen's message relevant today? Because every industry vertical is challenged with growing demands by mobile customers. And, the failure to listen has caused poor mobile UX to creep up on CXO's - effectively pulling them and their businesses under.

CXOs: Meet The Mobile Challenge

Revenue Garden estimates over 500 global brands have tens of millions of customers who are dissatisfied with mobile UX. Like Professor Christensen, we've also encountered global leaders who are hesitant to embrace mobility. Revenue Garden understands why it's difficult for many leaders to openly acknowledge a lack of domain expertise in this area - especially since it's so critical to long-term corporate survival.

Many CXO's are so focused on battling new market upstarts, disruptive forces and key long-time competitors that they are surprisingly unaware of the hordes of mobile customers that have left them for other brands.

Failure To Act

Five years ago, Morgan Stanley trailblazer Mary Meeker predicted the massive, mobile market explosion we're experiencing today. These Prior mobile predictions - from Meeker and others - did not spur many of today's global market CXO’s to listen or take decisive action.

Many forecasts signaled a need to manage ahead of the coming shift to mobile experiences– yet many leaders failed to act. Today, our question isn’t "Will history be repeated with IoT?" We expect it will.

Revenue Garden has already begun to take action in preparation for IoT - which in our view will be the most disruptive market experience we’ve seen since the birth of the Internet. Our critical question to prospective clients is "What's your IoT plan?"

It's Not Consulting Speak

Revenue Garden believes it's an extraordinary time to be a mobile technologist. Our career work spans from New York to Silicon Valley and from London to Atlanta, where we've been on board a high- tech train that's now moving at exhilarating speeds. Our expectation for future disruptions includes mobile, IoT and everything coming next.

Everything Is In Play

When we say "everything is in play", we do mean everything.

Did anyone expect that the use of the American dollar itself would be disrupted? The reality is firms such as BitCoin, ApplePay and others are driving markets from cash-less to app-based payments.

If you consider the reality that Taxi and Hotel industries now compete with everyday citizens world-wide, you'll begin to understand our point that millions of people armed with an app, a working vehicle and a rentable home are mobile disruptors.

In our view, CXO's who are struggling to understand mobile's potential must now get prepared for the Next-New-Thing; the widely predicted cascade of connected devices referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT). We believe organizations must plan for IoT, or risk playing catch up - similar to today's widespread corporate missteps with mobile UX.

In our view, CXO's who struggle to understand mobile's potential now must get prepared for the next, new thing; the widely predicted tsunami of connected devices referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT). Corporations must game plan for IoT scenarios, lest they be caught playing catching in a fashion similar to mobile experience.

Let's Discuss Options

As a digital business consultancy, our role is not to assess why many major enterprises underperform in mobile. Our job is to help clients turn digital underperformance around. Revenue Garden can help your enterprise meet the challenge of a US domestic market, which has more mobile devices in our country than citizens. With payments on the horizon, we believe the mobile transformation is just beginning. CONTACT US today to learn about our Digital Advisory program.


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Upstart Digital Consultancy and Software Development Firms Open New US Office To Target Major Multi-Media, Ecommerce, Finance and Insurance Firms Challenged With Mobile Experiences for Mobile Customers. ALPHARETTA and NEW DELHI 01 Dec 2014:
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